Outcome of the Dynastee Workshop of 11 April 2018.

With over 80 participants, the workshop on Building energy performance assessment and quality assurance based on in-situ measurements that took place on Wednesday 11 April 2018 has become a great success. The aim of the workshop was to bring closer together on this topic, research from IEA-EBC Annex 71 and standard writers from CEN TC89-WG13. People from industry, research and academic participated to lively discussions during both sessions on the topic of in-situ measurements and assurance of quality. All six presentations can be downloaded from the agenda below.

Welcome to the workshop – Luk Vandaele (DYNASTEE)

Annex 71: Status of the project IEA project Annex 71 after the expert meeting – Staf Roels (KULeuven, Operating Agent Annex 71)

Session 1 – Assessment and assurance of energy consumption in the building sector

  • Standards dealing with quality aspects for in-situ measurement of the energy performance – Richard Fitton (Salford University and CEN TC 89 WG 13)
  • Panel discussion with Ross Holleron (Knauf Insulation) and Guillaume Pandraud (Isover Saint-Gobain) moderated by Hans Bloem (DYNASTEE, JRC)
  • Questions and views from the audience

Session 2 – On site measurements in the context of the regulatory assessment of the energy performance of new buildings

  • What are challenges and opportunities when using measured consumption (and indoor climate data) for compliance checks in EPBD context? – Peter Wouters (BBRI, INIVE)
  • Energy performance assessment of buildings using measurements: experience from smart meter data analysis – Eline Himpe (Ghent University)
  • Role play on enforcement aspects in case of non-compliance – Peter Wouters
  • Questions and views from the audience

Closing session– conclusions by Staf Roels and Liesje Van Gelder (BCCA)

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