Favorite On-line Training Webinars

The present situation (Spring 2020) that the Corona-virus has created, concerning travelling and accommodation, has made the DYNASTEE board to decide that it will support on-line training. It will do so by organising a series of webinars during September (on a fixed day per week 10-12 h). Each webinar will be composed of two lectures and introduce an exercise using benchmark data that will be made available to the participants for training.

Find the proposed program here for the On-line Training for Dynamic Calculation Methods for Building Energy Performance Assessment.

How to register for the on-line training webinars? Further information about registration, the webinar schedule, lecturers and contents will be announced soon on the DYNASTEE web-site www.dynastee.info There will be no fee to attend the webinars.

The Summer School organisers have decided to move the traditional weeklong Summer School, scheduled in September 2020 in Almeria, to June 2021.


Favorite DYNASTEE newsletter issue 2020/16 now available

The sixteenth issue of the DYNASTEE newsletter is now available for download.

Contents include:

  • Foreword
  • DYNASTEE Management Board
  • Postponement of DYNASTEE Summer school 2020
  • DYNASTEE Online Training
  • Online Summer School at DTU
  • 2nd European SimStadt Workshop at Saxion UAS
  • Model Predictive Control applied to thermostatic controlled systems
  • New dates for NSB 2020
  • About DYNASTEE

Favorite DYNASTEE newsletter issue 2020/15 now available

The fifteenth issue of the DYNASTEE newsletter is now available for download.

Contents include:

  • Foreword
  • 25 Years Anniversary DYNASTEE
  • Measuring the thermal performances of the building envelope
  • CAM(B)BRIDGE – Calculation and Measurements in Buildings: Bridging the Gap
  • Pre-announcement of DYNASTEE Summer School 2020
  • About DYNASTEE

Favorite DYNASTEE newsletter issue 2019/14 now available

The fourteenth issue of the DYNASTEE newsletter is now available for download.

Contents include:

  • Foreword
  • Outcome of the Summer School 2019 in Granada
  • Outcome of the Summer School 2019 at DTU, Denmark
  • IBPSA-NVL – Workshops on Quality Assurance of Simulations of Buildings and Systems
  • Stakeholder survey IEA EBC Annex 71
  • 12th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics, 14-17 June 2020, in Tallinn, Estonia
  • Building Simulation 2021 takes place in Brugge
  • About Dynastee

Favorite Symposium Conclusion

DYNASTEE took the initiative to organise a symposium, following the 6th Expert meeting of IEA EBC Annex 71 at the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao. The aim of the symposium was to discuss the future role of the building stock in a changing society facing the climate challenges for companies, governments, researchers and most importantly, the citizen. Seven international renowned experts were invited to present their view on the energy transition and the development of an energy infrastructure integrating information and communication technologies and renewable energies in the building stock. The result of the successful symposium, is an article in the REHVA Journal issue 3, 2019, p. 70-74 that you can find here.

The outcome of the successful symposium, including the presentations … read further

Favorite DYNASTEE newsletter issue 2019/13 now available

The thirteenth issue of the DYNASTEE newsletter is now available for download.

Contents include:

  • Foreword
  • Announcement of the Summer School 2019
  • Time Series Analysis – with a focus on modelling and forecasting in energy systems
  • The Building as the Cornerstone of our Future Energy Infrastructure – The importance of dynamic and real data for reliable assessment
  • Thermporal: A Temporal Thermography System for Residential Energy Auditing
  • 12th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics
  • About DYNASTEE

Favorite Summer School 2019 | Dynamic Methods for whole Building Energy Assessment | 9 – 20 SEPTEMBER 2019, Granada, Spain

After 7 very successful editions of the Summer School on “Dynamic methods for whole building energy assessment” the organisers have decided to offer, in collaboration with the University of Granada, a two-weeks doctoral course that focuses more on pragmatic application of dynamic calculation techniques, meaning that the analysis of building energy data is of high importance and can give potentially high value information to utility and end-user. The focus will be on increased complexity, presenting different approaches and application to benchmark data. Read the full text of the Announcement, the Introduction to the summer school as well as more information about the lectures.

The cost for the two-weeks Summer School is 475 Euro. In case that the participant decides to follow the course for one week, either Level 1 or Level 2, the cost is 290 Euro. Participants should do a pre-registration by sending a notification to Marta Ruiz, e-mail: mruiz.serviciosexternos@psa.es

Deadline for submission is July 25th 2019

Upon pre-registration further information will be sent about accommodation and participation fee payment procedure.

Favorite DYNASTEE newsletter issue 2019/12 now available

The twelfth issue of the DYNASTEE newsletter is now available for download.

Contents include:

  • Foreword
  • Using UAV-based RGB and thermography images to generate simulation input about envelope geometry and U-values
  • Estimating occupancy heat gains from CO2 measurements
  • Pulse Regulation: The Journey Towards Introducing a New Testing Method
  • Data-Driven Retrofit
  • About DYNASTEE

Favorite 16 November, 2018 | IEA EBC Annex 74 Workshop: “Solar Decathlon Building Simulation and Monitoring – Status and Perspectives”

IEA EBC Annex 74 “Competition & Living Lab Platform” is organizing its 1st Open Thematic Workshop: “Solar Decathlon Building Simulation and Monitoring – Status and Perspectives”. It will be held on Friday November 16th 2018 in the Conference Tent of the SDME Solar Haii, Dubai.

The workshop will start with a reflection on methods applied for building simulation and monitoring in the past and current Solar Decathlons. The lectures and discussions aim to identify evolutions for future editions.

Registration is free and open until November 10th, 2018.

Further information (agenda, registration, etc.) is available here.

Favorite DYNASTEE newsletter issue 2018/11 now available

The eleventh issue of the DYNASTEE newsletter is now available for download.

Contents include:

  • Foreword
  • Outcome of the Summer School 2018
  • Announcement of a whole model empirical validation dataset on a full-scale building including building service equipment and synthetic users
  • A matched pair of test houses with synthetic occupants to investigate summertime overheating in dwellings
  • Smart Meter Laboratory in Joule House