During Spring 2020 the DYNASTEE board has decided that it will support on-line training. It will do so by organising a series of webinars during September 2020 on each Wednesday from 10:00 to 12:00. Each webinar will be composed of two lectures and introduce an exercise using benchmark data that will be made available to the participants for training.

The proposed on-line training concerns the application of Dynamic Calculation Methods for Building Energy Performance Assessment. The proposed program for the webinars can be found Program_OnLineTraining20s.

Note that these webinars cannot be compared with the traditional and physical Summer School that DYNASTEE has organised for the last 8 years, where a close interaction between lecturers and participants is taking place. The webinars should be considered as a helping hand to get started with Dynamic Calculation Methods for Building Energy Performance Assessment.

To get an impression of what these webinars are about, a recent extensive paper presenting the data analysis process applied to high quality data from an outdoor experiment can be downloaded for free (DynamicAnalysisApplied2EPB). Also during the webinars, reference is made to benchmark data that DYNASTEE has made available.

The first data-series are simulated data and can be found here BenchmarkTestDynMethods20. The zipped folder includes the following files: Dataseries in text format and Besim20.pdf (document describing two cases for self-training) and defstatest.pdf (document that contains definitions and statistical tests).

The second data-series are real experimental data from a Round Robin testbox. Minutely data of 45 sensors are made available for about a month divided into three separate periods, each with its particular heating regime. The data make it possible to perform different analysis of walls, window and space. These data-series can be found in the zipped folder PSA_RRbox_DataSeries20 and contains three data-series (Almeria_series16 to 18) and the documentation SS20_RRbox_Instruction_document.pdf (describing the experimental setup).

The third dataseries are real experimental data from an In-Situ experiment of a homogenous concrete wall. Two periods of consecutive data are available; the first one with shading of the external wall and hence the mounted sensors. The second period the shading device has been removed. These dataseries can be found in the zipped folder In_Situ_Wall and contains two dataseries (GFwallShaded.csv and GFwallNotshaded.csv), the description of the experimental setup, In_Situ_GFwall20s.pdf and proposal for an exercise In_Situ_ExerciseWall_20s.pdf.

In addition, two extensive documents dealing with data analysis, have been made available from the IEA-EBC Annex 58 project (2011 – 2016):

Note that DYNASTEE has started organising the next Summer School in Almeria, Spain in June 2021. Feel free to contact mjose.jimenez@psa.es or hans.bloem@inive.org to be placed on the Summer School mailing-list and you will receive further information as soon as available.