INIVE (International Network for Information on Ventilation and Energy Performance) was created in 2001. The main reason for founding INIVE was to set up a worldwide acting network of excellence in knowledge gathering and dissemination. At present, INIVE has as member organisations Buildwise, CETIAT, Ghent University, Fraunhofer IBP and KU Leuven. (

The original reason for creating INIVE was the availability of a strong entity able to act as the Operating Agent for the IEA’ Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC). AIVC is the IEA Information Centre that deals with the topic of energy efficient ventilation and air tightness of buildings. Since 2001, INIVE has been the Operating Agent for the AIVC (

As a service provider to the European Commission and the European Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, INIVE  had been coordinating the European Buildings Platform from 2006 to 2008, and from 2009 to 2017, BUILD UP, which is THE European portal on Energy Efficiency (

INIVE aims to stimulate and contribute to the creation of new knowledge in key areas of ventilation and energy efficiency. In the ASIEPI project (, which finished in March 2010 and was coordinated by INIVE, several critical areas related to energy-efficiency policies were analysed, with a whole range of new findings as a result.

INIVE facilitates also structured collaborations, which go beyond the duration of single projects. The best example of such collaboration is the DYNASTEE network (, which is the leading network of use and development of system identification techniques and related applications. The DYNASTEE-PASLINK network is a part of the INIVE Activities.