LOgical RDetermination

LORD is a software tool for the modelling and calculation of thermal systems. It is a further development of the software package “MRQT/PASTA”.

Thermal systems can be simple construction components (walls, windows etc), whole rooms or more complicated energy systems. For the modelling so-called RC-networks are used (analogical to electrical RC-networks). Some of the values of the individual elements of the network can be known (e.g. material parameters or from calibration measurements), the others will be calculated by parameter identification. For the analysis, measured data (temperatures, heat fluxes) are required. When all parameters of the thermal system are identified some global properties of the system can be calculated (UA- and gA-value).

The latest version of the Programme Lord.exe is available now for free on CD but registration is requested. All accompanying files are on the CD ROM given. Download the according manual (pdf, 615KB).

Other interesting people can obtain the latest version of Lord by contacting Hans Bloem.

  • Modelling and identification software for thermal systems
  • Based on the MRQT/PASTA package
  • Developed for PASLINK EEIG
  • Written by Olaf Gutschker, BTU Cottbus/Angewandte Physik

Short presentation file on the possibilities of an earlier version: Lord 2.1 (pdf 711kB).