The improvement of the energy performance of the building stock is an important issue in the necessary energy transition, since it accounts for 40% of the final energy consumed in the European Union.

Therefore, scientific research in building technologies is important for the development of innovative, efficient and effective products and techniques which reduce the environmental impact, and at the same time improve the indoor environment in buildings. A recent presentation (2023) about the DYNASTEE network can be found here.

Dynamic analysis methods and modelling techniques are being applied since many years for the assessment of the thermal and environmental performances of buildings and building components. These methods are in continuous development to improve the accuracy and hence confidence in the results for the construction sector.

The DYNASTEE Network is an informal grouping of organizations actively involved in the development and application of tools and methodologies in this field. The network brings together mathematical experts and building physicists, thus bridging the knowledge gap between different fields of expertise.

DYNASTEE acts as an open platform where experts, researchers and building professionals share their knowledge, discuss and compare results of their research, give training and guidance to each other and develop together advanced research infrastructures, thus keeping the necessary skills at a high level.

The DYNASTEE Network organizes conferences, webinars and workshops, training sessions (summer schools), develops tutorials, publishes a newsletter and research findings, and participates to international research projects, all to facilitate the exchange of knowledge.

DYNASTEE: Dynamic Analysis, Simulation and Testing applied to the Energy and Environmental Performance of Buildings