DAME-BC Warsaw 2004 Workshop Announcement

This Workshop is organised by: PASLINK EEIG, Warsaw University of Technology and JRC Ispra

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Announcement and Call for papers

13-14 May 2004 in Warsaw on:

Dynamic Analysis Methods Applied to
Energy Performance Assessment of Buildings

This workshop builds further on the successful conference on dynamic analysis methods held at JRC Ispra on 13-14 November 2003 in the framework of the European project DAME-BC (Dynamic Analysis and Modelling applied to Energy performance assessment and prediction of Buildings and Components – renewables and rational use). Financial support for the organisation of this event is obtained from the European Commission through this project.

Although this workshop is a follow up event to the Ispra conference, it is also open to new participants. The proceedings of this Ispra conference have been made available on a CD-rom sent out in February to all participants of the Ispra conference and to all who indicate interest in participating to this new workshop. All candidate participants are invited to perform a self training exercise for data analysis to test their level of skill on a series of cases. These cases increase in terms of complexity from simulated data to building performance data. Details of the four cases and instructions how to perform the exercise will be made available on the PASLINK web-site www.paslink.org and through the CD-rom which includes also the necessary tools and supporting information. The information may also be asked for by e-mail from Hans Bloem.

Participants are invited to submit a paper based on:

Application of dynamic analysis methods to one of the following topics:

  1. Thermal/energy experiments in the built environment
  2. Building Components (traditional but innovative components also)
  3. Buildings Energy Performance (towards labelling and certification)
  4. Performance prediction at building level
  5. Air flows in buildings and ventilation control
  6. Building Energy Control
  7. Building Stock Analysis
  8. Homework exercises (available on the PASLINK web-site)

The workshop programme will include a number of introductory lectures and demonstrations from the project group.

Workshop Participation Fee

The participation fee for the 2-day workshop is 100 € only. This amount is charged in order to cover the gap between the full participation cost and the European subsidy for this event.

The Workshop package includes:

  • Two nights (Wednesday and Thursday) accommodation in the Hotel Ibis I Warsaw.
  • Social dinner on Thursday 13 May.
  • Conference facilities, refreshments and lunches at the University of Warsaw.
  • All conference papers, information, demonstrated software and data on the pre-workshop CD Rom at the start of the workshop.
  • Post-workshop proceedings on CD-rom (July 2004).

Conditions for refund of travel costs

In addition to the above, contributors to the workshop will be eligible for financial support covering travel expenses up to a maximum amount of 350 €, subject to the following conditions:

1. Only one author per accepted paper will be eligible for financial support.

2. The accepted paper should comply with the instructions given in annex and should be submitted ultimately on 23rd April 2004 at the latest.

3. The author of the accepted paper will be eligible for financial support upon delivery of a copy of the economy fare airplane or train ticket, up to a maximum amount of 350 €.

All abstracts/papers will be subject to review to ensure that presentations fit into above themes.

If you wish to be put on the mailing list and for further information, please contact Hans Bloem.

Instructions for submitting the paper (by 23rd April at the latest)

The instructions are made simple and the format details give further clarification. The submitted paper should be preferably in PDF format. The organisers will not edit the papers once they have been submitted. Only when you encounter problems in converting your paper into PDF format, we are able to do so, on the restriction that the paper is submitted in Word for Windows format.

Please send your papers to Hans Bloem

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