SYMPOSIUM: “The Building as the Cornerstone of our Future Energy Infrastructure – The importance of dynamic and real data for reliable assessment”, 10-11 April 2019, Bilbao, Spain

In the transition towards a new energy system, based on minimal carbon use and circular economy principles, the building is the cornerstone of the future energy infrastructure. Energy use in  European buildings is still around 40 % of the total final energy use. Decarbonisation of power and heat are high on the agenda of EU Member States. Present initiatives by governments for a proper energy transition …. read further.

Detailed agenda:

Wednesday 10 April 2019

13:00 Welcome and introduction; Aitor Erkoreka – UPV/EHU, ES

13:15 Introduction to IEA-EBC Annex 71; Staf Roels – KU Leuven, BE

13:30 Measurement for validation (in-situ and real data); Richard Fitton Salford University, UK

14:20 Renovation projects for buildings and cities (EPBD, EED); César Valmaseda – CARTIF, ES

15:10 Coffee break

15:40 The urban dimension (from building to city modelling; CityGML); Volker Coors, University of Stuttgart, DE

16:30 The EPBD and energy related standards – CEN/ISO; Jaap Hogeling – EPB Centre, NL

17:20 Summary of day 1

17:30 End of day 1

Thursday 11 April

09:00 Documentation of performance gaps and energy flexible buildings (Annex 67); Søren Østergaard Jensen – DTI, DK

09:50 Renewable energy integration (Danish CITIES project); Henrik Madsen – DTU, DK

10:40 Coffee break

11:10 Electric vehicles integration  (electrical storage); Pete Beckman – Argonne National Laboratory, USA

12:00 Panel discussion – IEA-EBC Annex 71 Task-leaders with invited experts

12:50 Conclusion

13:00 End of the Symposium.

During a final panel discussion, these topics will be discussed with IEA – EBC Annex 71.

The Symposium is organized around seven topics introduced in a separate article available here.

The symposium runs from Wednesday noon till Thursday noon. It is organised in the frame of the IEA-EBC Annex 71 6th Expert meeting, 8-11 April 2019 in Bilbao.

To register online please click here. For further information download the symposium registration form and information brochure or contact


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