On-line Training Webinars

The present situation (Spring 2020) that the Corona-virus has created, concerning travelling and accommodation, has made the DYNASTEE board to decide that it will support on-line training. It will do so by organising a series of webinars during September (on a fixed day per week 10-12 h). Each webinar will be composed of two lectures and introduce an exercise using benchmark data that will be made available to the participants for training.

Find the proposed program here for the On-line Training for Dynamic Calculation Methods for Building Energy Performance Assessment.

How to register for the on-line training webinars? Further information about registration, the webinar schedule, lecturers and contents will be announced soon on the DYNASTEE web-site www.dynastee.info There will be no fee to attend the webinars.

The Summer School organisers have decided to move the traditional weeklong Summer School, scheduled in September 2020 in Almeria, to June 2021.


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