Outcome of the Summer School 2014, in Leuven 1-5 September

Twenty-five people have participated to the Summer School 2014 at KU Leuven, Heverlee in Belgium. Most of the participants were PhD students with building physics and engineering background. Six lecturers addressed in 14 presentations, different topics on building physics, mathematics and statistics, application of modelling techniques, the use of R software environment, etc.

The main objectives of this 3rd Summer School were:

  • To train a common methodology to assess thermal characteristics of building components and to assess whole building energy performance.
  • To bridge the gap between expertise from both physical and mathematical/statistical analysis and modelling practice.
  • To train the participants in using the software environment R
DYNASTEE Summer School 2014

Students and lecturers gathered at the ‘Abbaye van Park’ in Leuven.

The social intermezzo has been much appreciated not only because of the lovely weather but more for the well entertaining visit to the Abbaye van Park and the dinner at the old Brewery De Kroon in Neerijse.

The aim of the Summer School is not to promote a specific analysis or simulation tool but rather to transfer the knowledge on a common methodology. Therefore the students are trained in the use of R, the open software to develop their models for the exercise that were prepared by the lecturers. Roughly half of the time has been spent on exercises.

The organizers are planning the next Summer School for 2015. Follow the information on the DYNASTEE web-site to know more about the venue and dates.

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