The work of PASLINK EEIG has been concentrated the last 10 years on the development of reliable parameter identification methods. Methods developed are based on a lumped parameter model and a continuous time model, modal models and armax models. The EC is searching for standardised methodologies for the assessment of thermal parameters for different types of building components. Dynamic system identification techniques are the most promising methods to achieve this goal. Development of assessment procedures and guidelines is one of the objectives of the EC.

The application of identification methods for the new standard EN 12494 (1998) on ‘‘In-situ measurement of the thermal resistance and thermal transmittance’‘ is discussed a paper. The paper deals with the support that PASLINK gave to CEN for the standard EN 12494. A performance check for system identification methods is presented, which includes tests on noise, change of input signal by uncontrolled phenomena and non-linear parameter behaviour.

CEN, Commitee Européen de Normalisation, is organised through Technical Committees. The area of CEN/TC 89 is on Thermal Performance of Buildings and Building Components. Working Group 8 of the CEN/TC89 deals with Thermal Test Methods and its mandate was to update ISO 9869 into an EN standard. Its scope is to deal with standards on test methods for determining thermal properties of building materials, products and components, including the insulation of equipment. In the task is included consideration of accuracy levels appropriate to the subsequent treatment of results and guidelines to assess the apparatus and testing procedures used by laboratories.