New Competition

OPEN COMPETITION for the Energy Design of High Performance Buildings

Target group: under-graduate, postdoc, PhD students and researchers level
The objective is to assess for a simplified high performance building (a cube), in a chosen climate and associated building energy regulations, the minimum primary energy consumption and GHG emissions for local boundary conditions by optimising thermal characteristics of the building envelop and the choice of building energy systems. The design freedom is in the building construction composition, the specific thermal parameters, the available energy resources and building system technologies. The full text of the competition can be downloaded from here.

Third System Identification Competition

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Second System Identification Competition

Organised and Edited by J.J. Bloem INTRODUCTION After the success of the first System Identification Competition, the organisation has prepared a second even more challenging one, involving practical problems, such as solar radiation and experimental data. The previous competition, the … Continue reading

First System Identification Competition

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