Favorite Outcome of the Summer School 2016 in Granada, Spain

Another successful Summer School on Dynamic Calculation Methods for Building Energy Assessment has taken place from 19-24 June, 2016 in lovely and inviting Granada, Spain.

A record number of 34 participants from all over the world gathered at the Civil Engineering School, University of Granada, nearby the famous Alhambra, to get trained in methodologies for assessment of building energy performance. Participants came from Japan, China, South-Korea, Mexico, Canada, Lebanon and from 14 European countries. Most of them were PhD or post-doc students and many are involved in IEA-EBC projects.

The event was opened by Professor Montserrat Zamorano Toro, director of the Civil Engineering School of the University of Granada. Many thanks go to her Department as well as to Professor Diego Pablo Ruiz Padillo of the Applied Physics School. The introductory presentation was made by Paul Baker, invited speaker and expert on in-situ measurements and analysis. He showed the importance and practical side of carrying out experimental work on site to collect proper data for analysis…more


Favorite New IEA- EBC Annex 71 “Building energy performance assessment based on in-situ measurements”

The outcome of the Workshop “Building energy performance assessment based on optimised in-situ measurements”, held on April 18-19, 2016 in Brussels, resulted in a proposal submitted to the IEA-EBC ExCo meeting on 9-10 June in Oslo.

The new project has been approved as IEA- EBC Annex 71 “Building energy performance assessment based on in-situ measurements” and will start the preparation phase of one year. Therefore a kick-off meeting will be organised in Autumn this year, as first expert meeting  and contact for partner organisations. Details about the project can be found in the presentations of the workshop, below.

Follow us for further information about the kick-off meeting, during the coming months.

DYNASTEE newsletter issue 2016/6 now available

The sixth issue of the DYNASTEE newsletter is now available for download. This edition deals with the Network of Excellence and the conclusion of the IEA EBC Annex 58 project. Contents include:

  • A Network of Excellence
  • Summer School 2015 in Denmark
  • Summer School 2016 in Granada, Spain
  • Coming to a closure of the IEA EBC Annex 58-projects
  • Subtask 2: Desicion Tree
  • Validation of common building energy simulation models based on in-situ dynamic data
  • CEN Standardisation and Annex 58
  • Dynamic integrated method based on regression and averages, applied to estimate the thermal parameters of a room in an occupied office building in Madrid
  • About DYNASTEE

Decision Tree

Annex 58 of the International Energy Agency’s Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme is an international research collaboration on the topic of ‘Reliable building energy performance characterization based on full scale dynamic measurements’. The goal of the Annex is to … Continue reading

Standardisation and Annex 58

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Summer School 2015 in Denmark

For the 4th time DYNASTEE organised together with CIEMAT (Spain), ESRU (UK-Scotland), DTU (Denmark) and DYNASTEE under auspices of INIVE the Summer School on Dynamic Calculation Methods for Building Energy Assessment. Participants (25) from 11 countries joined the group to … Continue reading